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I quit my corporate job to travel for a few months (or longer...tbd) to NZ and Australia. With that action, I lost my health coverage here in the U.S. I am on COBRA until the end of the year out of convenience, but will want to pick something different moving forward. I leave January 7th. I am young and healthy (knock on wood) with no preexisting conditions.

Three part question here:
1) any recommendations on travel health insurance plans for someone in my shoes?
2) should I elect a short-term health coverage plan based here in the U.S. to be a backup for the travel plan for when I return to the U.S.?
3) would I be eligible to enroll in medical coverage upon my return to the U.S. under the special event of "moving"? I do not have an apartment or own a home so my residence will be technically my parents' house until I find a job upon return.

I have raked the internet for these questions and can't seem to come up with anything! I would prefer not to have to pay for a travel medical plan and a U.S. based short term plan, but I want to be appropriately covered as well. Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you :)

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