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Is Tunisia safe to travel

almost 5 years ago about Tunisia

I've just booked. To go to yasmin mehmet in Tunisia next august next year is it safe

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    Is yasmin hamemet in Tunisia safe to travel to almost 5 years ago

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    It's a bit sketchy at the moment. There've been a few terrorism incidents targeting tourists.
    Some foreign governments are advising to reconsider your travel to Tunisia.
    If you go you'll need to be pretty alert to your safety.
    And check travel insurance policy wording carefully, make sure you're covered. If you're British you may not be covered because of a Foreign Office warning advising against all but essential travel. Aussies and Kiwis should be covered as long as the travel warnings aren't raised.
    Difficult to be exact with my answer, because it depends on where you're going, what you intend to do.... and if the bad guys are feeling like another attack.
    Be careful. Weigh up the options very carefully. over 4 years ago

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