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I'm looking at different options for travel and do not have a definite starting or ending point. I want to fit as much in as possible in two weeks. What are the best places to go to?

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    Hey girl!! I definitely know the answer to your question ;)
    Check ryan air and other budget flights like that because you never know what you will find before ever buying a bus ticket but usually i found myself traveling by BUS not train or plane. Everyone uses buses there, they are usually the cheapest option for trips that arent too far (which many aren't) over 9 years ago

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    The hot spots in that corner not to miss are:

    Lisbon, Seville, Granada, Barcelona, alas you have a route, start and end, 2 weeks should be alright.

    Other spots to add on are Lagos in southern Portugal for beach and party.
    Madrid for a big city culture
    Valencia in Spain for a bit of the Mediteranian

    Spain also has a lot to offer over the top but you will need more time. over 9 years ago

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    Ryanair don't actually fly to Lisboa. Easyjet do though.

    My advice to travel around go by train. Get an Eurail pass and spend a good amount of time in any cities that interest you.

    Planes aren't anywhere near as fun or flexible.

    Two weeks is not enough!

    If you want to see a lot in 2 weeks:

    Day 1 - Fly to Barcelona from somewhere (go out immediately and start living it up in the crazy town)
    Day 2 - Explore the bars of Las Ramblas and spend a day on the metro travelling between all the sites
    Day 3 - Aquarium and maybe take a bus to one of the beaches out of town (there are ones in town but they are a bit targeted by robbers)
    Day 4 - Train to Bilbao (northern Spain - great luscious green hills overlooking the pacific)
    Day 5 - Explore. Gugenheim museum, old town and the northern coasts all accessible with the metro system
    Day 6 - Train to Santiago de Compostela (North-Western Spain) the end of the pilgrimage Way of St James great cathedrals and other old buildings
    Day 7 - Exploring Santiago
    Day 8 - Train to Vigo (Spain's greatest fishing port) - worth it for the seafood and breaks up the journey a bit
    Day 9 - Train to Porto (great old city in Portugal, worth a visit just to experience the difference from the north and south of Portugal)
    Day 10 - Train to Lisbon (I would say stop in Coimbra on the way but running out of days)
    Day 11 - Explore the bars in Barrio Alto, the castle and the waterfronts
    Day 12 - Relax in Lisbon for a bit more, see the big jesus
    Day 13 - Train to Faro (Southern Portugal for bit of a last jaunt)
    Day 14 - Spend a day on the beach before flying with Easyjet back to Paris or London (central airports so you can fly out of Europe)

    Can get a Eurail regional pass for portgual and spain with 6 travel days for US$415 this is the same price for any age
    Or if you are under 25 you can get a 3 country select pass with 6 travel days for US$315

    Hope this all gives you some ideas on what you can do ;) over 9 years ago

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    @ NikoRoberts

    Great suggestions I'd only add a short trip to Sintra when in Lisbon (it's about 30 Km) maybe on 12th day. over 9 years ago

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    And if you like beaches you should try the Costa da Caparica beaches, near Lisbon (you should cross the bridge or take a boat). over 9 years ago

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    hi, I leave just in the border between Spain and Portugal and my friends from Europe use to like wildlife and cheap budget. For your trip I would hardly recommend you to contact a local travel agency. The local costs are 25 to 40 euros per night (dependind of the hotel) and 10 t0 15 euros for lunch and dinner. I may send you links of some local associations. SilverN about 7 years ago

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    l want to spain over 6 years ago

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    Accommodation in native teacher's house in Seville: a place in nature, with swimming pool and sport area.

    500€/six days (monday-saturday). Includes: transport service, airport pickup,single room or double room, wifi, breakfast, lunch and dinner, laundry service, 20 hours of spanish classes...

    And cultural visits!!! over 6 years ago

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    la-ponderosa.webs.com about 6 years ago

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