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Climbing to Mount Kinabalu

about 8 years ago about Malaysia

Hi all,

My partner and I want to organise and book ourselves in advance the climbing to the Mount Kinabalu. Has anyone ever done it? If so, how did you do it?

Many thanks in advance!

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    You can only book a slot at www.suteraharbour.com.my. They were able to lease the area so all bookings go directly to them even if you get the help of another tour organizer. You need to book atleast 5 months before the climb to get the dates you want especially during their peak season almost 8 years ago

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    Yes. And don't underestimate it. I've climbed mountains in Scotland, Europe and the Himalaya .... and Kinabalu is up there in terms of seriousness. You start early when it's still dark and by the time you reach near the top it can be freezing with driving wind and rain. Serious wind chill.

    And if you think this is just me, the British SAS have lost people up there so take care. almost 8 years ago

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    You need to be fit, you need to be healthy.

    It is easy because it is about walking, yes, walking up hill. No rock climbing.
    On the other hand, it is difficult because you really need to be fit, it is still one of the highest mountain in South East Asia, at 13,000+ feet above sea level...


    However, when you reach the summit, you will realize all the hardship is worthy. :-) almost 8 years ago

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