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Is it ok to travel around the south west of Guatemala? The recent storms caused a lot of problems with infrastructure, death, damage and destruction... and a state of emergency has been declared. Does anyone know if it should be avoided or if it's safe and ok to travel there? We were looking at going in December this year.

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    I'd like to hear from anyone on the ground too, because from what I can see it's pretty bad there at the moment. The US State Dept website doesn't have any travel warning, but the Australian government site (smartraveller) does, and says travellers should "reconsider your need to travel" to Peten State.
    It's been almost a month since the last bad storms, but the whole region took a hammering this season. There were many mudslides, lots of damage to infrastructure. About 2 million people in the region needed emergency help. In Guatemala about 40,000 people need to be evacuated from their homes. The UN was delivering emergency high-calorie biscuits and other supplies.
    The hurricane and wet season ends in November, so if its on schedule it should be drier by December, which will give the local authorities a chance to do some cleaning up, but that's in the lap of the Gods.
    Maybe you should call some tour operators and accommodations you were intending to use and ask them about the situation. A few dollars on the phone could save you a lot of hassle. Let us know what you find out.
    Phil over 8 years ago

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    Right now is ok to travel to the south west region of Guatemala. The roads are clear and the government is working hard to restore the towns that got damage on the floods.

    I hope that you can come to Guatemala an enjoy the country over 7 years ago

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