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Was robbed of a few personal belongings on the streets of Paris in the evening. Went to the US Embassy early the next morning to get a new passport....without thinking it was important to get a police report (ya know, since this stuff happens so frequently there, what was the point?) Well, found out that it was pretty important in that my traveler's insurance will not cover anything without the report (duh). Feeling dumb, violated, and extremely jet-lagged....help!

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    Hi - Katrina from WorldNomads.com here.

    Really sorry to hear you got robbed in Paris but glad to hear you got home safely.

    Now that you're home, I understand that this can be very tricky to get a police report from the other side of the world. Usually our insurers understand this too. If you're unable to get the report, do talk to your insurer or provide a written statement to explain why you couldn't get it.

    Did you get anything in writing from the US Embassy ? While I can not guarantee this is enough, at least this may assist your claim case manager.

    Reporting any robbery to the police is important as the insurer uses this documentation to verify your claim. The insurer of course knows it happens frequently, but this doesn't mean the documents aren't needed - without written evidence, it makes it more difficult to assess your claim against the terms of the policy you bought. Like many travel insurance plans, reporting any theft to the police can be a specific condition on the policy, which is also another reason why this is an essential piece to making the policy work for you.

    Happy to help if I can - but I do need to verify your identity first. We work with a number of different insurers around the world and from your profile here in Ask A Nomad, I can not tell who your specific insurer is. Please send me a message, with any correspondence from the insurer's claims team and I can follow up for you.

    All the best,

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    katrina (@) worldnomads.com almost 8 years ago

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    Hi - Katrina again. I've just sent you some more advice by email. I do hope you've been able to talk to your insurer again (they're not one of ours here at WorldNomads.com) so I can only give you some general advice.

    For everyone else reading this - if something happens to you while travelling and you think you can claim the expenses from your insurer:

    1. report the incident to the police AND other relevant authority (travel company, tour operator, airline, hotel) as soon as the incident happens (or as soon as reasonably possible afterwards). Tell everyone, and get everything in writing.

    2. get copies of everything. It's worth the effort later on if the insurer asks you for it once you're back home. Ask for written statements from everyone you speak to. It's also worthwhile to take down notes of times, places, who you spoke to, what you asked for, or perhaps why they refused to give you something in writing etc. so you've got this just in case the insurer needs it.

    3. read your travel insurance policy documentation carefully so you understand what the insurer may be covered or not covered. This will help you submit your claim too and resolve any disappointment early if you find there is actually limited cover available.

    4. Don't assume or take the word of anyone else about what you should do, what's included in your policy and how you make a claim. It's likely they don't know exactly which policy you have and how it works. Talk to your insurer and read the policy wording - that is the only way you'll know what you're covered for (and not) and what you'll need to make a claim.

    5. Finally, you always have every right to make a claim. Don’t get put off by one insurance service agent having a bad day. It may feel tedious to fill in the claim form and gather copies of your receipts and other written evidence to the insurer to back up your claim. However without this detail, the insurer wont be able to assess your claim fully.

    Good luck! almost 8 years ago

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