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Hi! I' m a girl travelling alone, is it safe to go no my own from Aswan to Abu Simbel? How much does it cost? How can i go? Tanks!

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    Well, you can't really go on your own anyway ... All the tours go in a convoy for safety. And it's got worse since we went in 2008. over 7 years ago

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    You have to take a tour from your hotel/guesthouse in aswan. The bus will pick you up from the hotel at 6 am to join a convoy with other buses that move at the same time on the highway behind a police jeep..your gonna arrive to Abu Simbel in 3 hours, its totally safe this way since your trip is gonna be well managed between the travel agency and the egyptian police. The tour is gonna cost you around 10$ for the travel agency (going and coming back). You have to pay the entrance fees by yourself over 7 years ago

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