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    Where in India are must sees I am going for a week and not sure where to go...

    Places that can't miss to see * Ladakh * Gahwal * Sikkim * Darjeeling * Kullu Manali * Jaipur * Arga * Varansi * Kerala * Goa Get detail in brief - over 6 years ago

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    Best place for Para gliding and River Rafting in India?

    No Doubt, Rishikesh is the prime location for unique and adventurous sports. Rivers like Ganga, alaknanda and more others most fascinating and high curve rivers are taken as fantastic side of white water river rafting. The Himalayan mountain ranges of Uttarakhand put forward a host of paragliding opportunities where Rishikesh is one of best location. For having the more details redeem the given links.. over 6 years ago

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    Want to go to the northern india to look for snow leopard this oct-nov. suggestions for well organized, professional tour operator please.

    October to November is the best time to get the amazing experience of snow leopard and the best place is to have the incredible lifetime moment in Ladakh. The Himalayan stunning high passes valley cover through the snow blanket in the winter session that's why it would be the right time to see the unseen snow cat. To make this trips smooth and beautiful, avail the best leopard tour package here over 6 years ago

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    Which is the top adventure tour operator in India?

    Special concern about the thrilling and adventurous tour packages in India then one well know tour operator which primarily comes in my conscious is Peak Adventure tour. They have bundle of adventurous activities packages and tours at very small expenses. They had given me the every single services what they promised before. Get all possible information about your favorite adventure package and book at small prices competitively here.. over 6 years ago

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    What are the most Exotic location in India

    India is bestowed with marvelous and most fascinating exotic destinations those magnetize the world tourism especially for top two concerns, one for pilgrimage exotic places and another for most adventurous and thrilling exotic destinations. So some of the most adventurous exotic locations of Indian continent are following 1. Ladakh – The land of high pass 2. Sikkim- The most anonymous nature sites 3. Garhwal –The Gateway of Himalayas Reveal the most of exotic destinations here.... over 6 years ago

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    Garwhal-kumaon indian Himalaya ok for tekking after last floods ?

    Yes, it is ok now because the conditions of effected regions are being normalized by the keen efforts of the Indian government. I would personally suggest that the Jeep safari or 4x4 SUV would be the best mode of travelling on anonymous tracks of this incredible kumaon region. Kumaon is amazingly beautiful and full of stunning natural trekking trails. To reach up to the high altitude Himalayas valleys, choose the best travelling options or avail the best Itineraries over 6 years ago

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    Best Tourist Destinations In India

    Undoubtedly, India is a paradise for the adventure travelers and tourists because unlimited famous and anonymous tourists destinations of India introduce itself best in terms of own ways. So it is hard to say that which one is best but surly we can say that Ladakh is such a wonderful destination of Indian Himalayas which emerge with every tourist activities that’s why it has become the hub of world tourism. over 6 years ago

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    Visiting And trekking in Sikkim

    It is great time (Oct or Nov) to trek on Kanchenjunga treks from Gangtok or from other places. Visiting to Darjeeling and many other trekking destination of Sikkim will surely be the remarkable experience for lifetime. Reveal more about this incredible and third most peak in the world.... over 6 years ago