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April 2018

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    I am going to china what is your advise?

    To expand on the excellent answer above (having returned from China 2 days ago...) -The firewall means you will have spotty access to email at best, and likely NO access to facebook or google (to include Google maps). A VPN can get you around this. Without it, be sure to let folks know you'll be "off the grid." -Credit cards--as'll need cash at all but the fanciest locations. Be prepared. My ATM card worked well at the Bank of China ATM's, but failed at 2 others. Fees from my bank were a $4.78 international transaction fee and an ATM fee of $1.00 per withdrawal, so not low, but not outrageous. -Most toilets outside of your hotel and the airport won't have toilet paper, soap, or paper towels. You'll throw all toilet paper into a wastebasket near the toilet. Additionally most are "squatty potties" as my 3 year old calls them. Carry toilet paper and wet wipes. -Unlike Japan and many other countries most Chinese don't seem to speak English. Either plan for a guide or ensure you have locations written down clearly in Chinese for the taxi drivers. -We wish we had allotted more time in Shanghai. We only gave ourselves one day there and easily could've enjoyed another 1-2 days, particularly with the European feel in the "Concession areas" and fabulous food we found. -Be aware that a visa can be painful to obtain and check fees ahead of time (they were pricier than we anticipated for our family of four!) about 2 years ago